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Evanston, Creekside Community Association Official site3 weeks ago
Tis the season for slips, trips and falls.

Walking during the winter months are a challenge, now let's add unshovelled sidewalks and pathways to the mix. Residential bylaw says homeowners are responsible to clear the sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall ends. While we would like to say everyone does this, we know it's not happening. Report unkept sidewalks and city pathways to 311 by phone or the APP. Fines will be issued to repeat offenders. Look into walking aids to help navigate the winter walking conditions.

Wear shoes or boots that provide traction on snow and ice. Boots made of non-slip rubber or neoprene with grooved soles are best. Look for features like waterproof, well-insulated, thick non-slip tread sole made of natural rubber, wide low heels, light-weight.

Stay warm by wearing a warm hat, scarf, and mittens or gloves. Dressing in layers can also help keep you warmer.

Focus on trying to keep your balance.
Point your feet out slightly like a penguin. Spreading your feet out slightly while walking on ice increases your centre of gravity.
Walk slowly and take small steps or shuffle your feet on icy paths.
Keep your head up and don’t lean forward.

Try not to carry too many groceries or other items because the weight could affect your balance.

Keep your hands out of your pockets. If you start to slip, having your hands free can help break your fall.


Mike Stiles
Director of Safety
Coretta Scott King

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