Located just off Stoney Trail in Calgary’s North West, Evanston is a community designed for open spaces, open doors and open hearts and that’s something everyone can agree on.

Evanston was designed as a prairie-values environment and provides an atmosphere where families can flourish.  At every turn you’ll discover community planning that encourages people to come together, rather than keep them apart.  There are fewer fences and more open spaces, back lanes and verandahs – meaning more opportunities for conversation and more to see.  Evanston’s ample green spaces with playgrounds and a neighbourhood gazebo have been designed to be gathering places, too.

It all adds up to a feeling of openness that extends to people’s attitudes.





Evanston, Creekside Community Association Official site
Evanston, Creekside Community Association Official site
Major Delays on 14th Street and Symons Valley Parkway Intersection: For the next few weeks, there will be major delays at the 14th St / SVP intersection due to the Northridge Feedermain Construction, which will be putting in new water lines into Evanston and North Calgary. Please consider using alternative routes, ie Centre Street or Symons Valley Road. - Joe Magliocca