I’d like to announce that I’m stepping down as the Soccer Program Director for the upcoming 2018 season. It is time for me to focus on new challenges after running the program for the past four years. It has been an amazing experience to lead this program in its growth from around 350 players in 2013 to over 500 players this past season and I’m sure the program will continue to grow and be successful moving forward. The soccer program will be a foundation in bringing Evanston-Creekside together and creating new bonds between the players and families involved.

I have met a lot of great people through this program and would like to thank the Soccer Leadership team and all the volunteers for their time and effort. Without them, this program wouldn’t be possible and makes ours a program that other communities look to as an example of how to manage an independent grassroots league. I’d also like to thank the board for giving me the ability to run the program freely.


Ryan Lipowy
Sports Director
Evanston-Creekside Community Association